2012 Seminars List

 New! Lonnie Joe Howell: Harmonica Fun 101
Trains, whistles, fiddles, squeezeboxes and bagpipes, all on a diatonic harmonica! It’s fun but, also enhances your playing. Sat 8:30-10:00 in the Elm. 

New! Lonnie Joe Howell: Racking Up & Rocking Out
Come and join Lonnie Joe, one of our Bluegrass Jam hosts, as he demonstrates playing harmonica along with guitar in several musical styles. Wed 10:30-12:00 in the Elm.

 New! Phil Duncan: Country, Gospel & Beyond
Phil will be joined by Berl and Jerl Welch, Jimi Lee, Steve Baker, Mike Caldwell, TJ Klay and Todd Parrot. They will individually and collectively interpret selected Country, Gospel and other tunes, demonstrating different approaches and individual styles expressed on the 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Sat. 10:00-12:00 in the Trinity Ballroom.

 New! Jon Gindick: 7 Positions of Diatonic Harmonica
Bring your C harp, and Jon, author, player and teacher, will show you the basics of playing one harp in 7 different keys. Playing guitar, he will get you jamming in each position and explain how and why you would pick one position over another. Thurs. 10:30-12:00 in the Cottonwood.
New! Jon Gindick: Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeful-Beginning to Intermediate
Jon will start the seminar with the basics and build from there. His uniquely supportive and encouraging learn-by-doing approach includes basic riffs, improvising, phrasing, different styles and more. Fri. 1:30-3:00 in the Cottonwood.

 New! Jon Gindick: Beginning and Intermediate Troubleshooting
Bring your diatonic harmonica questions and problems to this motivational and informational question and answer class and Jon will try to help each individual to understand what their next level is and what needs to be done to achieve their goals. Fri. 10:30-12:00 in the Dogwood.

 New! Randy Landry & Greg Heumann: Microphones and Amplifiers
They will explain the ins and outs of microphones, amplifiers and feedback, focusing on different types of microphones, impedances and cables; on feedback, how it originates and how to minimize it; and on what makes a good harp amp and how to improve it with the right speaker.  Bring your questions. Sat. 10:30-12:00 in the Pecan.

 New! Mike Fugazzi & Brandon Bailey: Looping for the One Man Band-Live and in the Studio
Mike & Brandon will demonstrate and discuss what it takes to go solo. Fri. 3:30-5:00 in the Cottonwood.

Update: You can get more information from the convention schedule and program book on our Convention Info page! Please note that several of the seminars previously listed below, have regrettably been cancelled.

Cheryl Arena: Beginner's Harmonica Workshop
Bring a C diatonic and learn breathing and bending techniques, tongue blocking, vibrato and tone and other harmonica basics.

Cheryl Arena, Mary Jane Gormley, Dr. John Schaman & Buddy Wakefield (2003 Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award): Breathe Easy(er)-Harmonicas in Therapy.
Come, learn and participate with those actively promoting the health benefits of the harmonica.

L.J. Atkison: Bass X4
Join L.J. and special guests for a bass harmonica workshop.

Brandon Bailey: Solo Performance Harmonica-The Art of Doing It Yourself
Learn how to approach the diatonic harmonica as a solo instrument in performance and master the skills, mindset, and various approaches to being a solo musician with harmonica. Topics will include repertoire, audience engagement, and stylistic approaches.

 Steve Baker: Country Tuning & Natural Minor
Steve will explain and demonstrate two great ways of approaching major key and parallel minor key tunes. Bring your CT & NM harps if you have them.

 Marko Balland: Rock, Blues & Metal Effects
Join Marko along with Robert Koch as he demonstrates his special effects on the XB40.

Chris Bauer, Phil Caltabellotta & George Miklas: Harmonica Trios-Preserving and Advancing the Tradition
Three of the best will show you how it's done.

Mike Caldwell: The Craft of Country Harp
Mike will share some of his knowledge and skills gained in 30 years of experience in country harmonica, having toured with artists like Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, George Jones and Boxcar Willie.

 Phil Caltabellotta: Playing by Ear-The Harmonica According to Phil
If you’ve heard Phil play, you know he has quite the ear. Bring your chromatic and listen and learn.

Virgil Cole: Chromatics 101
Need to start somewhere? This is a version of "Chromatic for Dummies."

James Conway: Celtic Harmonica
James will cover jigs/reels/hornpipes, rhythmic chording, tongue switching, alternate tunings and ornamentation tricks.

 Paul Davies: Absolute Beginner
If you are new to the harmonica and/or the SPAH convention experience, Paul will get you started.

 Paul Davies & Dr. John Schaman: Rhythm-atic Playing
 Participate in an interactive seminar that will demonstrate rhythmic playing using two harps, a Low F and standard G, and/or the medical harmonica (harmonicaMD, diatonic chord harp). Bring them, if you have them.

Jerry Devillier: Cajun Music
Join Jerry and special guest as they explain and demonstrate the Cajun Harp.

Bill Dulin: Making Backing Tracks with a Computer
Bring a laptop and Bill will show you how.

Phil Duncan: Basic Chromatic Harmonica and Basic Diatonic
Learn all the basics on both instruments in two seminars by the 2009 recipient of the SPAH Award of Special Merit.

   Herb Eck: Play-A-Long with Herb
Herb (2007 Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award) is back, so bring a C harmonica and he’ll show you how to play with others.

 Joe Filisko: Teach-In
Join Joe (2001 Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award) and all his special guests for a variety of mini-workshops by the harmonica experts.

  Mike Fugazzi & Matthew Smart: Customization-Part II
This seminar covers more advanced custom techniques including overbend setup.

Mary Jane Gormley: Decoding Standard Notation
Bring a C harmonica to participate in this workshop. If you don't have one, some will be available.

Adam Hamil: The Hohner Instant Workshop: A Complete Service Kit
Join Adam and enter the world of harmonica repair as he demonstrates the new kit's many uses.

 Stan Harper: Chromatic Technique
Stan received the Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 because he is one of the best. So come and learn from the best.

Jia-Yi He: Tremolo Harmonica
Join a master as he demonstrates the art of his craft.

  Richard Hunter: Looping & Layering-Getting the Most From the Gear
Learn how to use FX devices to produce layered sounds for looped performances from a player who knows how to go solo. Bring a C diatonic.
Filip Jers:
Jazz Harmonica-Chromatic or Diatonic? Or Both?
How and why do you choose? Filip will demonstrate and take you through the process.
Filip Jers: Swedish Folk Music
Participate in a workshop on Swedish folk music, including waltzes and polkas, for both chromatic and diatonic players.
Bob McFarlane: Vibrato “Plus”
If you are going to learn, you might as well learn from one of the best (2006 Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award). Bring a harmonica.
Dr. Don McRee: 3rd Position Playing Made Easy
Bring A, C, D, and G harps and Don will help you to play in 3rd.
George Miklas: The Harmonica in Music Education
George will facilitate this forum to discuss best practices on capturing the interest of various state and local leaders to advance the harmonica into the hands of 21st century youth.
David Naiditch: Playing Jazzy Blues on Chromatic
This workshop is for those interested in exploiting the unique features of the chromatic harmonica to play the blues. Basic blues will be covered, followed by jazzier sounding blues.
Todd Parrott: Country & Gospel Harmonica
Join Todd and special guests as they take you through these musical styles. Bring a C harp.
Todd Parrott: Overblow Techniques
For those ready to move to the next level, Todd and TJ Klay will show you how. Bring your harps.
Brendan Power: Using Looping in Live Performance
Join Brendan, the 2011 recipient of the Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award, as he demonstrates and shares some of his skill and technique on both diatonic and chromatic.
Brendan Power: Presenting the New Suzuki
You will have to wait for the name of this new diatonic harmonica.

 Joe Powers: Tango Harmonica 101
Bring your chromatic and Joe will take you through the basics of a music that has become his passion.
Michael Rubin
: Morning Beginners’ Blues Jam
Michael is a player and teacher who can get you started. Both diatonics and chromatics are welcome.
Jean Sabot: Alternative Tuning for Traditional Music
Jean is visiting from Brittanyin Franceto lend a fresh view of Celtic musical traditions. James Conway will be joining him.
Sgro Brothers: 70 Years Playing Harmonica
They received the Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004, for a good reason. Dom and Tony have seen it all and done it all. And they will share that with you.

 Tony Sgro: The Future of the Chord
All chord players, and those wanting to, are invited to attend.

Ronnie Shellist: Blues Harmonica-Mastering Nuances
It’s the little things that count. Bring a C harp and Ronnie will show and tell.
  Matthew Smart & Mike Fugazzi: Customization-Part 1
Join Matthew and Mike as they discuss and demonstrate the foundations of setting up a great playing harp.

Judy & Al Smith: Workshop (Pre-registration required)
Judy (1985 Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award) and Al (1994 Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award & 2011 Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award) will take you through all the basics and more for chromatic, bass and chord.
Gerry Sondreal: Band in a Box-Part 1 and 2
Join Gerry as he presents and demonstrates the wide world of BIAB in two seminars dealing with the basics and beyond. Bring a laptop if you can.
Charles Spranklin: The Quest for Tone
Charles will discuss why tone is important and personal, demonstrate the tone of iconic chromatic players to link tone and taste, and provide direction to achieve it.
  Tom Stryker: All about Chromatics
Come and participate in an open forum, hosted by Tom, to ask any question about the chromatic such as gigging, recording, playing, maintenance, marketing and pricing yourself, playing with others, harmonica clubs, etc…

 Manfred Wewers: A Variety of Harmonicas-The Spice of Life
Everyone is invited to come and learn about the different types of harmonicas available and their uses and a little music theory.

Patrick O. Young: Keltic-Folk Music Workshop
If you are interested in playing tunes on the diatonic harmonica that are in the Celtic music tradition, come and join Patrick.

Dr. Victor Yun: West Blowing, East Drawing-Harmonica Popularity in Asia
The harmonica world is changing. Why, how and where is it happening?