2012 Vendors List

In addition to the shows and seminars, vendors are an integral part of the SPAH experience. You can not only buy directly from the manufacturers, but you can meet the people who make the best mics, amps and other harp gear around. This year's vendor list includes: (click on the company names to see their website)


Seydel Harmonicas is the oldest, and the only German owned, harmonica maker. With their unique focus on only harmonicas, Seydel is a big supporter of SPAH, attending with corporate sponsorship and offering their handmade instruments that have become the choice of many discerning players. 




The Tuning Table is a simple, ingenious device that supports the diatonic harmonica and its reeds while you adjust the pitch … without removing the reed plates from the comb!
Experience the Tuning Table advantage.
Stop by the Tuning Table booth and ask for a free Reed Plinker.

What was a girl to do while he played the harmonica? Well Harp Widow was created out of the support and love of my "harmonica player" husband Jack. Passion or Obsession.. what's the difference? To this day I still don't know but whatever it is were having a great time. Traveling and sharing harmonica music with so many friends!! This year at SPAH 2012 I'll have some things for "her"....T shirts, hats, harmonica jewelry and  earrings. Please stop by and say hello. It will be another great convention! See you soon! 
Lone Wolf Blues Company is proud to offer a quality line of effect pedals for the harp player. The all original HARP ATTACK designed around a subminiature pentode tube producesses Bassman like tone, the HARP BREAK a distortion pedal that produces a tube-like distortion and has a bass boost for an awsome fat tone. The HARP TONE+ an outboard two band equalizer and volume control to fatten tone, add or lower volume and trim highs. The HARP OCTAVE a cool pedal that produces a raspy tone with a rich midrange that really cuts through a mix. The HARP DELAY is an awesome delay that adds a range of echo from the tiled room effect to slap-back to a distancing echo reverb. The lightly filtered echo produces a rich dark tone. Last but not least is the HARP V2 DELAY that passes an uneffected dry signal and adds an unfiltered echo effect to produce an unchanged tone for your highs as well as lows. These are the only effect pedals on the market designed specifically for harp.

BlowsMeAway Productions specializes in amplified harmonica and produces a line of products to solve the unique problems harp players have. Whether you need a beautiful custom wood bullet mic with big fat tone, a short light SM57 with built in volume control, a wireless system, a cable, an adapter, a repair, a custom modification... contact Greg Heumann at BlowsMeAway Productions.

Blue Moon Harmonicas, LLC makes beautiful custom combs and colorful, powder-coated cover plates. Design your own harmonica creation. Also available are beautifully restored, custom pre-war Marine Bands and other assorted collectables. 

16:23 Custom Harmonicas is a seller of custom harps in all brands, with emphasis on Seydel diatonic sales.  16:23 offers specialized and individual service with a goal of providing the harmonica player exactly what he or she needs. 16:23 accomplishes this through good communication and complete product knowledge.

*all descriptions provided by the vendors