Harmonica Happenings

HH cover galleryHarmonica Happenings is a magazine for, by and about the SPAH community. SPAH's official (mouth)organ, if you will. First published in 1967, Harmonica Happenings served to unite SPAH's membership by providing them with news about each other and the organization, much as spah.org does today. HH has now grown to include CD reviews, instructional articles, interviews with members and famous players, and harmonica news from around the world, while still reflecting and representing the SPAH community. Published quarterly, the magazine is included free with membership although you can read some articles here on spah.org.
Harmonica Happenings relies on content provided by SPAH members and any others interested in the harmonica. If you have a story you'd liked to tell or pictures you'd like to see in the magazine, please contact me at HHeditor AT mac DOT com. 
Thank you,
Jp Pagán
Editor & Publisher
Harmonica Happenings