Greetings fellow harmonica enthusiasts!

On behalf of the SPAH Board, I would like to extend an invitation to submit an application to present a seminar at our upcoming convention in Tulsa. Although historically the majority of seminars focus on learning and playing the chromatic and diatonic harmonicas, related topics to these add value and interest to the Convention experience (e.g. music theory, instrument maintenance, performance considerations). 
The number of seminar slots will be limited and range in duration from 60-90 minutes. It is possible to apply for more than one slot, if your topic requires more time to present. An accepted application does not guarantee a slot to present. As a general rule, seminar presenters must provide all their own materials (such as handouts, speaker/amps & microphones), although flip charts and markers can be provided for you. Seminar presenters who volunteer their services and time at the SPAH Convention always find it to be a very rewarding experience.
You can find further details on the application form: Seminar-form2019.docx

—Franklin Cobos II - SPAH Seminar Coordinator