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Registration for SPAH Week 2021
Summary Convention and Blues Blowoff – Base Registration Fees
Event 2021 Dates 2021 SPAH
Current Member
2021 SPAH *
New Member
SPAH Week 2021 Convention Wed., August 11th –
Sat., August 14th
$100 $150 $200
2021 Virtual Blues Blowoff Tues., August 10th $15 $15 $15
* Non-members: Individual SPAH membership for 1-year costs only $50,
so you’ll probably want to join SPAH when you register,
and enjoy the benefits of annual SPAH membership!

You can register for SPAH Week here

If you don’t already know, SPAH Week 2021 registrants have the opportunity to add a little to the tip jar for our talent. One way to do this is to donate to SPAH, and we will send you The LIMITED EDITION SPAH Goodie bag: Only the first 100 donors to this program will receive the bag.
If you are one of the lucky donors, inside the carton we send you will be a unique, convention-logoed canvas bag, an insulated mug with the SPAH logo, a 2021 Convention T Shirt in your size, a genuine, iron-on 30th Anniversary SPAH patch, and several items from our wonderful sponsors including: pens, stickers, magazines, maybe even a harmonica! We will send this all to you in July, so you can enjoy it all during SPAH Week 2021. Orders should be placed by June 30, 2021.
You can find details and SPAH Week 2021 Registration here.
And, if that wasn’t enough reason to donate to our wonderful music community, if you bring the 30th Anniversary SPAH patch to our 2023 SPAH Convention, we will give you a wonderful, enameled metal SPAH bolo from the same 1993 convention!
All of this for a donation of $125, the profits from which will be shared between the SPAH Week 2021 talent tip jar and the SPAH General Fund.

Please help us help our musicians and teachers during the pandemic. Details on how to donate for the bonus SPAH Week 2021 Goodie Bag are on the Convention Registration pages at this link.


We will also welcome donations during SPAH Week. All Base Registration Fees will be dedicated to the talent. Any donations you are able to include before or during SPAH Week will be shared equally between SPAH and the talent pool performing & teaching during SPAH Week 2021.

Last year, your generosity allowed SPAH to boost its help to all Convention performers and teachers – making a big differenceWe hope you will consider helping with donations again this year. And, of course, SPAH will continue to underwrite SPAH Week Conventions, with essential support from Sponsors.

If you asked SPAH to roll forward your 2020 Registration
If you paid registration fees in 2020 and asked us to apply them as prepayment for the 2021 Convention, SPAH Registration staff will be contacting you soon to determine how you would like to proceed.

How to watch
We will provide more details after you register for SPAH Week 2021, and full details and links will be provided in early August in plenty of time for you to make your plans to attend.
Zoom sessions will be reserved for paid registrants, with later replay available to members through a private playlist. We will also livestream some performances to the general public, in keeping with our “free to locals” night when we have convened in person. Stay tuned!

Sponsors and Vendor Support
Last year, SPAH granted all of its Sponsors an additional year of recognition without cost, so that the community could focus its efforts on supporting performers and teachers. We could not have pulled off SPAH Week 2020 without their support, and we hope all will join with us to make this a resounding success again in 2021.
This year, 2021-22 SPAH Gold and Silver Sponsors will be supporting the virtual Convention as part of their renewed annual SPAH Sponsorship. We are also inviting members of the SPAH vendor community to join us as a Sponsoring Partner for SPAH Week 2021.

We will highlight Sponsoring Partners before, during and after SPAH Week 2021, based on their sponsorship level.
Please join us during SPAH Week as we feature our vendors and sponsors in thanks for their support of our community.